Eric L. Denovellis#

About me#

I am a computational research scientist in Dr. Loren Frank’s lab at UCSF. My work focuses on developing scalable, interpretable algorithms and tools to decode, categorize and visualize neural representations – particularly in the hippocampus. This work extends and applies marked point process switching state space models I developed during my postdoc with Dr. Uri T. Eden. I work closely with experimental collaborators to ensure these algorithms and tools are usable on large scale data.

Previously, I completed my Ph.D. in computational neuroscience at Boston University with Drs. Daniel H. Bullock and Earl K. Miller. There I developed computational tools and models to understand how prefrontal cortex supports the underlying neural comptuations necessary to switch between contexts. Specifically:

  • I showed how synchronous network oscillations in the prefrontal cortex provide a mechanism to flexibly coordinate context representations between groups of neurons during task switching.

  • I used generalized additive models to show that anterior cingulate neurons can represent context, but do not play a significant role in switching between contexts.

  • Finally, I developed a set of web-enabled interactive visualization tools designed to provide a multi-dimensional integrated view of electrophysiological datasets (See RasterVis and SpectraVis).

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